Change your life. Change someone's life

I thought creating a blog instead of writing on a diary would be great.

I stopped writing on my diary when I created my tumblr blog site. I thought my passion in writing would be met. I was wrong.

I don’t know if Im just busy with my life outside the social media world or I just lost my interest in blogging. In my tumblr account, I consistently blog almost every day, but that was before. Even here, I managed to blog and create a schedule post at least 2 blog post every day. But that was before.

I have pending blog posts to write. The Money Seminar I attended, review for a restaurant, personal experiences, but when I turn on my laptop. I cannot start a word.  But when I’m alone, or when I’m travelling home, all the undying ideas are running after me.

I still keep the diaries I used when I was still young. I still have the 9-year old diary in me. I want to write using a pen.  It is important for me write than to type. 

Last year, I was grateful to have this Journal will Change Someone's Life 2013. This 2014. I maintain using the journal published by FreeSpeech Publications

This Journal is filled with witty facts, unusual holidays, pages with mood charts, tips for self improvements, and it has a space where you can draw. 

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