10 things to do today that you won't regret doing

  1. Do the first thing first in the morning, pray
  2. Smile to the taxi/jeepney driver
  3. If you're stuck in the traffic, grab the opportunity to listen to your favorite song, to sleep, or to call a friend. 
  4. Say hi to an officemate and appreciate how she/he looks today
  5. Do your work with all your heart, as if it's your first day of work.
  6. Post your favorite verse/quotation in your facebook and twitter
  7. Drop off your phone and read a book.
  8. Before you go to bed, list down the things you accomplished today and make sure that you'll do more the next day.
  9. Pray before you sleep. Tell God how was your day
  10. Do the same next day.


I think 2 more things should be added in these 10 things to do today that you won't regret doing. One is retirement planning and second is insurance planning. Who know what happen in future.


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