23 Lessons I learned

I celebrated my 23rd birthday last weekend, and I as listed down the things I'm thankful for, I realized how these lessons help me to  become who I am today.

1. Some promises (from people)  are meant to be forgotten.
2. People will forget the good things you've done for them, but they will remember the bad things you've caused. Do good anyway ( Galatians 6:9)
3. Leave the house early so you can come on time.
4. Talk less. Listen More.
5. You may not be born leader, but you can always be great one.
6. You may not hear affirmation, applause from others for the good works you've done. Its okay, God is always proud of you.
7. Some people are inspired in you. Continue to stand to all for the things you believe in.
8. Your prayers are powerful. Pray unceasingly.
9. Your emotions are just emotions not your life. Do not live with it.
10. Things will not always be what you want it to be. Learn to let go and move on.
11. Your bank account can not love you, you family can.
12. Remember all the people you can count on. But do not forget those who neglected you on your difficult time. Time will come that they'll need you. Help them anyway.
13. Love your mom. She's your first hero.
14. Stay pure for your future husband.  
15. You're inspiring others live. Stay humble.
16. Probably, you'll get tired with what you're doing, always go back with why you're doing those. Glorify God.
17. Your facebook status has something to do with your attitude. Its up to you if you want other people to think who you are.
18. If you think you can change something, then change it. If you can not, accept it.
19. If you'll get disappointed because you didn't get what you wanted, remember you can not get everything you want. Be mature enough to accept it.
20. God is not a gennie. He's a good God. He can not say yes for all your prayers.  It could be no, it could be wait. He knows what's best for you. Trust Him.
21. Everytime you feel so down, eat icecream. It if didn't help. Talk to a friend.
22. Healing starts with acceptance. You're not always strong. Always talk to God.
23. You are secured in God. Don't need to have a room for insecurity

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