What else you cannot do?

David. Everybody thinks he is just a small shepherd. What he can only do is to feed the sheep. But facing the giant; Goliath, is another story.

David, on the other hand, thinks he can do more than feeding the sheep. He thinks he can do greater things because God has appointed him. He believes he can face anything because God is with him.

Giant.  It may not be like the literal David and Goliath story found in the bible ( 1 Samuel 17) but you’re facing giants now. Maybe it’s something big that frightens you. Something big that everyone thinks you cannot face.  

The God, which David worshiped, is the same God who loves you. His favor is in you. There’s no giant that you cannot defeat.  You’re a conqueror. You need to possess the attitude that David had. He trusted God that He can do everything. If God is with you, then who can be against you? 


A approach towards God and the faith is never let you down. Like the attitude that David had. Think and planning then you see what else you cannot do.


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