Cultivate generosity in you life. Here's how:

1. Be Grateful with whatever you have

It's hard for a person to be generous when he is not satisfied with what he has. Generosity rises out of contentment and doesn't come with acquiring more. If you're not content with little, you wont be content with a lot. And if you're not generous with little, you wont suddenly change if you become wealthy.

2. Put People First
The measure of a leader is not  the number of people who serves him, but the number of people he serves. Generosity requires putting others first. If you do that, become much easier. 

3. Don't Allow the Desires of Possessions to Control You
More and more people are becoming enslaved to the desire to acquire. If you want to be in charge with your heart, don't allow possessions to take charge of you. 

4. Regard Monet as a Resource 
The only way to really win with money is to loosely-- and be generous with it to accomplish things of value. 

5. Develop the habit of Giving 
The only way to maintain an attitude of generosity is to make it your habit to give-your time, attention, money and resources. If you're enslaved by greed, you can not lead. 

An excerpt from John Maxwell's Book The 21 Indespensable Qualities of A leader

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