What you shouldn't do in Facebook.

Facebook nowadays is more than a mean of communication. From it's chat box where you can chat all your online friends, you can also play games in Facebook, you can see historical activities with your friends, you can save pictures,  advertise your business, spread various information, and Facebook, sometimes, becomes your diary.

I've read a lot of  articles about what we shouldn't post in Facebook. And I have my own version of what to post and not to post in facebook:

1. Mobile Number - Facebook requires my contact number upon signing in, and since everyone is using facebook, and everyone can access my profile, Ive customized who can view my mobile number. I actually set it to "only me". And even when I changed my number, I didn't plag it  to all my facebook friends. (Please find time to look at your contact number settings before you go to number 2)

2. Liking Contests - I know how it feels to desperately asked everyone to like any photos for contests purposes. Tell you, been there done that. That's why, when anyone asks me to like their links, or photos for a contest, I immediately like it. So please,  when someone asks you for a lil favor to like a photo, please do so. It's means a lot.  It  only requires  a second or two.

3. Comments - I am now being particular with the comments Im giving to my friends. Because words can encourage or discourage someone, I am asking myself first if my comment will encourage him, if it glorifies God, or it will just a nonsense  word.

4. Rants - When I started in facebook, way back 2008, What I only saw people posting was songs they used to listen to and places they want to visit, but now facebook turns to a site where I can see men changing Display Picture with their half naked body, people who rants about their friends, their relatives, their lovelife, and they think its all right because it's their facebook and if you don't want them in your facebook time line, and you can unfriend them anytime. But you dont want to do that because they are your friends. Really? Kidding aside, If you have a problem, before posting it to facebook, pray for it first, I believe that is more helpful than bragging it to everyone. Because not all your friends care, but God does (1 Peter 5:17)

5. Reason - There were times when I decided to deactivate my facebook because I dont wanna see updates, or any stressful posts from facebook. But, because my purpose is to glorify God in everything I do, I decided to stay in facebookfor God's glory.  And I decided to post inspiring quotes, motivational messages, and God's words.

I know we have a lot of reasons why we open our facebooks everyday, I hope you're using your time and your facebook very well.

Happy facebooking!!!

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Disclaimer: This is a paid blog post.
Jesus paid my sin on the cross. And I am now living all my life for Him.
This is all for His glory.

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