Shoot that Goal!

I  wont count myself an avid fan of basketball. But I had a crazy childhood fantasy of marrying a basketball player. (crazy right?) And when all my friends on facebook post about the San Mig, Rain or Shine, or the Meralco Bolts standing, I can’t relate. The only basketball game I could  watch is what’s in Anime Series.  The only team I could cheer, SHOHOKU.

If I have time to watch the anime every morning, I love watching with my siblings. It’s a quality time with them.  Just like we had today. But today is more than a quality time.

As we all watched the series, there’s a certain line I remember all throughout, because one of the players in the shohoku team repeatedly said. “”We will be the number one team in Japan”. The former MVP, Mitsui. He showed a good leadership. Driven with a goal. And he inspired his teammates to have the attitude that he has.

Good leadership.  Everyone wants to possess that. But not everyone is willing to pay the price. When everything gets tough, who rants first? When other people criticize the team, who continue to reach the goal? When the vision is out of sight, who is willing to create a new one?

Just like the player in the basketball in shohuku team, a goal oriented is an attitude of a good leader. He makes his move with a goal in mind. Whether to win the game, to be number one, to become an MVP. To be the top salesman. To become the CPA Topnotcher. To become a better person.  To become a millioner. To run your business well.

Leaders couldn’t be called leaders unless he has followers. And good leadership isn’t about the goals that he sets for himself but for the others. It’s when the goal is about the team to be recognized. To lay down his life serving other. And  to produce a leader greater than he is.

Goal Orriented.  Secured.  Are few characteristics of a good leader. If you want to become one, start setting goals not only for yourself but for the whole team aswell. 

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