Magnificent Maleficent Movie!!

If you haven't watched Maleficent, I highly recommend to watch this movie before all your social media friends spoil you. The movie has nailed to be magnificent. From the plot and twist up to Angelina Jolie's comeback. I wont spoil you but I'll tell what I learned from the movie.

There's only one thing that  change the way I look about it. Bad People are not bad at all. There's a certain reason why they treat other people badly. And that is the same with our daily lives. You have your maleficent in the office, in your community, even in your own home. But, they if they're treating you bad, it doesn't necessary mean that they are really evil and they cant change.

What's the reason why people change? Love. Love is always a  powerful weapon for all of us to change. Bad people, as we see them as they are. Are not bad at all. They just need love. So matter how hurtful they treat you. Love them anyway. As Mother Theresa said “People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. Love them anyway"

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