Post-Father’s Day Post

While everyone was busy greeting their dad last June 15, the official Father’s Day date, I didn’t go online. It only breaks my heart so see everyone posting pictures with their dad and appreciating them. Oh how I wish I could also do the same. But it’s impossible now. 

Maybe some of you already read my blog post about my dad, that for the past 23 years, He’s not beside me. I only had the chance to see him when he died. Gone the days when I’m still hoping to be embraced. No more dancing with my dad again song. It’ll never happen anyway. And I regret that I stopped looking for him. But I have forgiven myself. It happened. I can’t take back the time.

Even if it’s a late father’s day post, I want to write for two groups of people.
A.      Those who still have their dad
I don’t know what your story is. I don’t know if you’re dad reflects a kind of father we have in heaven. It could be yes. If could be no. Whatever it is. Maybe, your dad beats you. Or maybe your dad shows a loving father.  Whether your dad shows that he’s proud of you or not, appreciate your dad. Show him that he’s the most important man in your life. Love him and respect him. Why? Because first and foremost it’s a commandment from God. And second, He’s your dad and nothing can change that. You’ll only regret that you didn’t make him feel loved once he’s gone. And third, you’re blessed enough that you still have him.

B.      Those who didn’t see their dad yet
Look for him while you still have time. Believe me, it’s as heartbreaking as losing my own life to see my dad on his coffin without hearing any words from him. Go after him. Create a wonderful memory with him like you’ve always dreamed of when you’re still a child. And forgive him. Forgive him that he left you. He might have reasons why he left you. By the time you meet him. Ask him why. And forgive him. There’s no perfect father here on earth. These. But don’t worry. God is father to the fatherless. You don’t need to look for a father figure in your life.

I’ll be glad if you share your story about your dad. Please do send me an email at

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