Take More Breaks

I myself know the importance of being detailed in every presentation. I once conducted a classroom training and neglected some details of my presentation. And in my mistake, those details were supposedly the highlights on my presentation.  Lesson Learned? We cannot always count on our “familiarity” Just because I’m familiar with my presentation doesn’t mean I can deliver it well. The importance of what John Wooden said “Failing to Plan means planning to Fail” taught me to become more cautious about planning every detail of my presentation.

If I’d given a chance to unlock a skill. I’d choose never forget any detail. I guess that the power a presentor should possess. (Of course next after the confidence that everyone should have.) Not only in presentation but it is also true to everyone’s life. It’s no good if you miss your friend’s birthday. No one wants to be forgotten anyway. It is also a no no when you didn’t pass on your exam because you almost forgot the formula of the computation. It’s not about being not forgetful but about mindful about the things your do.

I remember when Im still new with presenting to the clients, I always cling with my break buddy. Kitkat is the only  break that I love.  

phototaken on my first day of training

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