There's No Short---------------Cut to Success

For the past 3 days, again, my patience has been tested. I admit I get easily irritated. Ask me questions 4 times in a row, and my eyebrows will draw a mountain. Mention a name I dont wanna hear, and I'll frown.

I've already mentioned here that I was not born a "people person". I seldom initiate greeting other people, whether an old or a new found friend. But people change, the kind I person I hate, is becoming I am. I was moved to change and it became my heart to be with people, talk to other people, know their needs, serve them, (of course with the love the Lord.) And help them.

Yeng Remulla said in his book "Start Something" that when we find the job that we've always wanted, the job that we've always dreamed of, with the F-I-T. The Job that fulfills us. Generate an income, and develops our talent, there we will feel the sweet spot. I guess, I'm on my sweet spot now.

Part of my so called job-being an Application Consultant, is to help the client to walk through in their business processes. (Btw, our company is selling SAP Business One, an Accounting system for SME) Communicating with the clients is one the things I've love about my job. That is something I cant explain. In the end of each day, I could always say, I am fulfilled with what I do.

Back to the last 3 days. As much as I love talking to other people, I honestly hate it when I failed to communicate with them because Im so occupied with the challenges Im facing. I've been updating and locating errors, and correct them. (It's challenging. I failed a lot uploading Payments from DTW) And in the back of my mind, I am complaining how could I finish doing those things without everyone's help. I was reminded of what Pastor Dennis Sy said, "If you want to succeed, help other people succeed first"

But I have another lesson learned from DTW.
The pain in failure is nothing compared to the joy of success. 

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