Through the Faith

July  15
I decided to be home as early as I could. PAGASA announced that a strong typhoon will landed the PAR and it might bring strong wind and heavy rain. I left the client's place at exactly 5pm. There's no rain. I reached the house at 6pm. There's no rain. Since the DepEd already declared suspension of classes for the next day, I asked my siblings to join me to watch movies. All in all that night, we finished watching 3 movies. 
July 16
4:30am I woke up earlier than the usual days. Not because it's started raining but because I was excited to go to the office. It's the first day of our training. (Training we usually conduct to new clients for SAP Business One). I should be early because I need to be in Makati by 8.  I checked my phone and asked our HR head if work would possibly suspended due to the typhoon.  After an hour she texted me to stay  home to be safe. 
6:00am The wind started to blew stronger. Mama was almost yelling, instructing me to text my uncle. She was  so scared and so was I. The wind blew stronger. . And we cant control it. My brother stood beside me and my mama. My mom was praying to saints to stop the wind. I was praying to God. I pray louder as the wind got stronger. For the first time, I pray louder in front of my family. But I didn't pray for the rain and win to stop. I prayed that the Lord protect and seal our house with love so we'd be safe. 

8:00am I texted my friends to pray for us. The wind destroyed our roof as we all witnessed it. I tried to comfort mama. We're all wet. It's too cold. And my body was trembling. But not my faith. In the middle of the storm. God was telling me that 'when the storm comes, it'll reveal what we're made of. 

10:00am The storm aftermath

When I was praying for the Lord, I couldn't pray to God to stop the storm. I know storm are uncontrollable. But God is still God.

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