Davao Adventure

I was assigned in South Cotabato for 14 days. And my adventurous heart wanted to travel the places near the City. I attended sunday service in Victory Gensan. It's an hour travel from South Cotabato. First Weekend was wonderful. I was able to meet law students from VCF and be friends with them. I was travelling back to South that day when I saw a bus with a signage of Davao. I asked the client how many hours will take me to travel in Davao. Four hours they said. I informed them that I want to go there on the next weekend and explore the City but they're hesitant to let me. I know they're concerned about me and they didnt want me to go alone. Good thing, My officemate. Bryan, was deployed in Davao on the same weekend. Galing Diba?

Life is here. That's Davao tag line. I couldn't recall how many times Bryan mumbled that if there's a place he wants to settle in, it'd be the City. It's cool. Less stress. Life is there. Hmm. I couldn't disagree anymore.

What's in Davao?
Samal Island. The island is great. No doubts.
The Eden Paradise
What I like about Bryan is that he has the same adventure cravings as mine. He planned our activity for the weekend and he included going to the said Paradise. The most unforgettable weekend of my life happened in Davao. Who would forget riding in bicycle while you're hanging? It was awesome. If you will visit Davao, please do visit Eden Paradise.

Thank you to my Tour Guide. Til our next Travel Adventure.
We also attended a sunday service in Victory Davao. It's our first time to go to church together. 

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