San Sa Gensan?

July 30. My First Mindanao Deployment.
I myself love travelling. For the past 2 months, I didn't have new projects yet (I am SAP Consultant by the way) And I asked God about it. My officemates we're all busy while I'm just waiting for my project to start. I dont want any idle moment anymore. I was accompanying one of our consultants in her training when I received a call from my boss informing me to prepare for my trip. I was chosen to travel in Gensan. My heart jumped. It'll be my first plane trip. My heart filled with Joy.

Fast Forward
Aug 12. Meeting after my flight back to Manila.
14 days have passed. 14 days being alone. I tried writing a blog when I was there. But my mind was too consumed with fear ( yes, felt too scared being alone) And I was mentally tired. I experienced working from 6am to 10pm. That's equivalent to 16 hours. Meaning almost 2 days. And I am too excited to go back in Manila because I miss my family, and I dont want to be alone anymore. I hurriedly attended a meeting right after my flight. Hmm Consultant life.

Take it Slow. The 14 days.
I am honestly glad that I traveled in Gensan. It's one of a kind experience. I was able to meet new people. Be in a new environment. Rode a plane. Ate fresh fruits every morning. Learned different dialects. Created a new circle of friends. Experienced commuting in a new place. And to convinced myself that I wasn't afraid at all.

Highlights of the 14 days

Bottom Line
Everyday, I keep telling God how thankful I am that He brought me to Gensan. It's more than what I've asked and even imagined. It's my faithgoal to travel. And I didn't actually imagine that I'll be riding a plane, travelling to Mindanao. I am thankful to God how He thought me to depend more on Him. And I thank God for His protection. 

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