Summary and Highlight of 2014

January   - Started the year right with Prayer and Fasting. It’s the month when I had my first client and handled training alone.

It’s also the month when I experienced staying with my uncle whom I just met after the death of my dad, his wife treated me well until one day, I felt like I’m not welcome anymore so I decided not stay with them .
February  - My birth month.  It’s the first year in my life where mom didn't cook anything on my birthday.  But it’s still a happy birthday for me. I had the chance to become the speaker in one of our youth’s activities in the Church. It’s the best gift ever.
And I was surprised by my sisters in Christ on that night .
This month, we had a valentines date on a fancy restaurant.

March  - Heart Breaking Month. One of my mentors in the office had her last day. I just wished she stayed, but I know she’s happy wherever she is now. And on this month, I experienced being  the master of the ceremony on our company’s Jumpstart Event.

April – The Vigan Tour was the first travel experience for the year.  That was unforgettable.

May – Annual Youth Camp for our Church with the Theme “greater”.

 Greater on the event venue; Batangas. Greater on the transportation; Air Conditioned Bus. Greater on the challenges we faced even before and after the event. This Month was a test of faith, friendship, fellowship, and  all the year round, it continues to be a “greater” encounter, trials, faith as it is.
June – I had my project signed on go Live Phase. I thank the Lord for that. It wasn’t a stressful project.  From being a cell group leader, I was moved to lead the singles in the Church.
July – I thought it would be a “so so” month because I was just staying in the office while all my officemates were on the field work, But to my surprise, It’s the month where I had my first plane flight. I was assigned in Gensan and experienced travelling alone in far place.

August – I was still staying in Mindanao for the first week of this month. I met and be friends with some of VCF’s Law students. Travel in Davao and explore the City.

September –  This month  I decided to stop the communication with an old lover. Our relationship was over for almost a year yet I continue to see and talk to him. It  was you know, the wisest decision I’ve ever made this year so far. 
October – After  a long time, I finally have a project again. And that project is not an easy project. I also have a hard time communicating with other people. But I keep fighting. I also had a chance to meet my siblings in my father side. It's my dad's death anniversary. How time flies.

November - The hard time became hardest on my work as well as my relationship around me. But I kept believing that God is the God who comforts me all the time.
December - The busiest month of the year. The reunion is everywhere. I was elected as the treasurer in our Alumni

There are a lot of things I am thankful about this year. Including travelling in places I've never thought I would ever be. 

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