Cry Unto God


But when they cried out for the Lord, He raised for them a deliverer. 
            Judges 3:9

Disobedient. One of the characters that describe Israelites. They love God so much yet after a little while they forgot God and return to their evil ways. They are in the cycle of believing in God, obeying Him, Doing evil things in the eyes of the Lord, Defeated by the enemies, Cried out to God, God answered, They experienced victory. And most of the time, we're like them. Its easy for us to forget what God has done for us, and do things for ourselves. But the God news, God, is a merciful and loving God. Hears our cries. He answers us and continue to love us unconditionally.

We couldn't have waited for defeat to cry unto God. Let's call His Name and Worship His Holiness everytime. Check  martin d-28

Use me Oh Lord of Mercy to show your great compassion to your people. As you are slow to anger, help me Lord to become like you, loving, patient, understanding. Use me so I can glorify your sweet name. Thank you Jesus for your unending love. In Jesus Name! Amen

Read: Judges 1 - 2

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