Qik or It Didn’t Happen!

I could not even forget how we started to be close. Me, as his bully friend, and he, as my male version. He is one of the persons I trust, when I am talking to him, I know I am very true to myself and I dont have to pretend to be somebody else.

From talking online once a week,  by all means, turns to talking everyday. We talked about everything. From our daily grateful experiences to our "little rants". Our faith, our talents, our interests, foods we can not eat, our bucket-lists, our wildest dreams, our celebrity look-alike and even our  dream dates. I've never been so transparent to any guy friend other than him.

Since we are both working in different areas and we only have weekends to meet, and ofcourse we can not stop talking, we  have all messaging applications. Name it. We have it all installed on our smart phones.  As far as I remember, the very first app that we installed is the skype And he  still keeping the screenshot of his first message:

I know he misses me  a lot more now :P

As the time goes by, and as technology continues to improve and offers new messaging application, we discovered the Skype Qik

It  is a quick video messaging/communication app that allows you to exchange instant and quick video messages for free. It enables you to capture videos that are up to 40 seconds long, and and send them to group of friends. Skype Qik is available on iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. More about Skype Qik here: http://www.skype.com/en/qik/

I was excited to introduced this app to him, and I sometimes  get annoyed with his random messages. (Just Kidding)

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